Java Development Professional - UAE National Preferred - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Scope of Work:

1. Support and Maintain the current solution to maintain 0 downtime and 0 data loss.
2. Support cover office hours and on call cases .
3. Fixing errors and bugs raised during the heath check or development procedures.
4. Conduct business analysis for any changes and new business requirement of the system
5. Successfully maintain the Design changes and Develop, implement, deliver and test them with all communication/Integration interfaces within this solution being software or hardware solutions
6. Maintain documentation, source code library for all activities conducted under the support contract including , but not limited to :
a. Training material
b. Software design document.
c. Project information
d. Project Management Plan
e. Tests Plan ( complete and detailed test plan methodology and tools)
f. Execution Plan
g. Communication Plan
h. Document Control Plan
i. Risk Management & Interface Management Plan
j. Quality Assurance Plan
k. Project Baseline Schedule
l. Personnel Organization Chart
m. Solution Requirements Specification Document Template (SRS)
n. Solution Design Specification Document Template (SDS)
o. Detailed technical implantation report
p. Documentation of all versions (prototype, new releases, final version)
i. Interface descriptions of all modules,
q. All interfaces throughout the system must be fully documented, with example messages for all external interfaces
r. Documentation relating to the Final Version for Acceptance Tests and
i. User guide
ii. Administration guide
iii. Updated Test Plan Quality Assurance and UAT (including Test procedure and outcome report) with detailed description of the test cases used for the internal validation of the software including test results, such as but not limited to:
1. Functional tests
2. Use case tests
3. Performance test
4. Fail over and high availability tests
5. Security Tests
7. 1 year on site
8. Knowledge transfer, Training and job shadowing for the project technical Team and for All project stakeholders and affected parties outside
9. Knowledge transfer and training
10. Support Severity Levels

Minimum experience and skills needed:
1- Mendix developer
2- Java/J2ee developer
3- IBM Message Queue
4- XML
5- SQL
6- Java script
8- Eclipse
9- Glassfish server
10- Tomcat server

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